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Not everyone realizes that RTT Therapy doesn't have to happen in an office. I work with many people remotely using Zoom or Skype.

It's an excellent medium for this work and my clients report the same phenomenal results, whether we meet in person or via video session. 

Private • Confidential • Comfortable

The greatest discovery of the 19th century was not in the realm of the physical sciences, but the power of the subconscious mind touched by faith.  Any individual can tap into an eternal reservoir of power that will enable them to overcome any problem that may arise.  All weaknesses can be overcome, bodily healing, financial independence, spiritual awakening, prosperity beyond your wildest dreams.  This is the superstructure of happiness.

William James




I believe in the capacity of humans to change and evolve when the power of the mind is understood and leveraged and I have witnessed the result of this over and over again, reliably.  My life and life's work has been founded on that core belief and knowing.  I'm passionate about change and the realization of freedom from suffering for all.  I'm fearless and determined in guiding my clients to the freedom they desire and deserve in the most rapid and permanent way.  You have a transformational ally in me.


I have been working in the field of personal development for many years and have been training and studying within it for decades, learning from many of the greatest minds and achievers in human potential and change.  I also understand suffering and have learned the formulas for change.  It's from this level that I guide my clients ready to claim true freedom from any issue that's holding them apart from their dream.  I have trained in various models of change and have found that the most powerful and predictable methods available today are Hypnotherapy and RTT.  I have successfully worked with clients seeking freedom from countless issues such as abuse/trauma, children with the ADHD diagnosis, social anxiety and depression, addictions, sexual abuse, confusion regarding life purpose/career direction, weight issues, freedom from headaches, passing exams and much more.  I have seen hypnotherapy transform so many different issues that I'm convinced it is applicable for almost any problem.  This form of therapy is results driven and has a very high success rate.  This is very good news for those who've been searching and seeking results for years or decades.  You've come to the right place.

  • Adults and Adolescents

  • Confidence Issues and Low Self Esteem

  • Corporate Hypnotherapy for Optimal Performance, Leadership Effectiveness, Decision-Making, Stress Management, Team Alignment

  • Stress & Unhappiness

  • Relationship Issues and Sexual Performance

  • Athletic Performance - Teams and Individuals

  • Health Issues

  • Addictions

  • If you want to work on an issue that's not listed, please contact me to schedule a call and we can discuss further.

  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist - Marisa Peer School

  • Life Coach Training Certificate - Coaches Training Institute

  • Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution - Conrad Grebel University College

  • Honours BA, Specialist Program in Management - University of Toronto


Conscious Luck -
available now

I'm so excited to share that my transformational story is included in the book, Conscious Luck, where I talk about navigating through a difficult and personal period of my life and how I consciously changed my luck to create a life that I truly love now.  I'm so grateful to be part of such a powerful message and I hope it inspires all who read it - to finally and intentionally put luck on their side! 




If you're interested in discussing how RTT and Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goals, fill out the contact form and we will schedule a 20 Minute Complimentary Consultation and Assessment call.

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