What if your pain is an illusion of the mind? Just, what if?

As humans, we have a fantastical capacity to create emotional suffering for ourselves. If you stop and think about it, isn’t it unbelievable that one can live an entire life of depression or anxiety that was created entirely by the mind but can feel so real, so suffocating and so impossible to step out of? It all feels SO real but what if it’s not real? What if it’s just an experience your mind is repetitiously creating through beliefs, thoughts, and emotions but those things have no real substance to them?

I have seen depression and anxiety resolve so many times that I now know for sure that most cases are indeed the creation of the mind. And that’s exciting news! It means there’s a pathway out and the whole shroud of mystery surrounding emotional suffering can be lifted to spread freedom and understanding around a topic that has been regarded as next-to-impossible to truly understand and permanently change.

If depression and anxiety are made up of these elements, then what are beliefs, thoughts, and emotions anyway? Can you see them, lasso them, tackle them, strangle them to death, slap them silly? No, you can’t. They are energy. They are simply energy that is being generated within the mind. They are not lasting, permanent, immovable or suffocating at all. They don’t have the power to do that. Only we can give them that power.

They come and go quite naturally – that’s the nature of energy, to keep moving. But we have this special superpower to lock them down and keep them inside for our own viewing pleasure (or more accurately, viewing pain). This is a mistake, but sadly, we don’t even know we’re doing it.

And before we continue: I know you didn’t choose any of this and would never consciously decide on a life of emotional suffering. I also have tremendous compassion for your pain. I want you to know that it’s not inevitable or necessary, however. Humans just don’t understand how this whole body, mind, soul, life thing works. Most of us, including me, were never taught this stuff, which is why we think we have so many problems and life is so hard. But there’s another, better reality available to all of us.

And now, back to beliefs, thoughts and emotions of the mind: if we unquestionably listen to, hold onto and believe the antics of the mind, we get totally lost in there. We become fully identified with the mind if we are not able to separate ourselves from it and then we feel what is known as powerlessness. Something else is in charge and we know it!

The first step to freedom is to question every thought you have and to not take them too seriously. Unless you’ve done some significant cleaning of your programming or you grew up in a Buddhist monastery, your thoughts are probably suspect and hurting you 24/7.

An unexamined mind is seriously creative and powerful and can devise any compelling story about anyone or anything that will convince you into a life of suffering. But you don’t have to believe one iota of its impressive tales.

You can watch it all and realize, this is the mind, this is not me.

This is not a reality I choose to believe. And let me clarify that this is not an act of becoming delusional or denying reality. Rather, this is about choosing the reality of our inner state. We get to choose our inner reality, 100%. We get to decide if life is happy or miserable. That’s our birthright to create an inner reality of our choosing.

This is fundamental to the awesome power we hold but very rarely use. This is fundamental to our happiness.

Because in truth, our inner reality determines the quality of our life. It’s your home in there. You get to decide how clean and pristine it is or how dirty and chaotic it is. Never let anyone convince you that this is not your power to choose and create AND solely in your hands - because it is.

Yes, we get to believe whatever the heck we want, and it turns out that what we believe is also, overwhelmingly and predictably, what happens to us. If we believe we’re healthy, then we live pretty healthy lives. If we believe we’re good at math, we find ways to be good or decent at math. If we believe we’re good looking, we dress ourselves, hold ourselves and treat ourselves as such. If we believe we are smart, we pursue intellectually challenging things. And then we learn more and become smarter as result!

If we believe we are capable and strong, we will move through life taking risks and trying new things. And those risks show us that we are capable and strong, whether we fail or succeed. Everything we do, every choice we make is revealing and reinforcing a deeper program. Just look at your choices and you’ll know, quickly, how self-loving and empowering your programs really are.

Look at how you dress, what you’ll try, how you eat, what you spend your time doing.

But these choices and the reality of your current life is only the buy-in to a particular program. It’s not YOU. You are something way different than merely a mental program that consists of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. You aren’t the thing that experiences those beliefs and thoughts either. That’s the mind who does that dance, not you.

Why do I know this is not you? Because we are infinitely more than the mind and I have witnessed myself and others change the mind about a gazillion things over the past 10 plus years.

If we can change our mind about something, then is it really us or is it just a program/energy/something that can be switched out for something else?

The true nature of who we are is eternal and unaffected by changing beliefs and emotions. That part of us is neutral and doesn’t really ‘give a’ about the lower human tragedies. Our true self is calm and unwavering, free from the dramas of life.

We are an infinite, eternal being or soul that has a mind and a body to play with in this lifetime. The mind wasn’t supposed to run the show. That eternal being can play with the program and change it out whenever the heck it wants to. It’s your divine right. You didn’t come here to be powerless and limited or to just ‘get by’. You came here to create and choose, to participate in a reality you wanted to experience. You get to decide, and as an adult, you are not a victim in this life for one second (even though most of us feel that way for most of our lives). You are not a victim to what the mind tells you, either. You are the program installer, not its B@#&*.

So why do we even have a mind or body then? Because we need them to cruise around this planet and experience it fully. The soul need legs and a way to interact with what’s here. So, the mind and body we have was intended to support our soul’s journey but they were never supposed to be in charge.

If you’re depressed and have anxiety or other problems that you perceive as holding you back or ruining your joyride here, you have a mind that is on a power trip who needs to be reigned in and put in his or her place.

The Vegas bender is over, buds. Time to put the Soul in charge and put the mind on a flight back home.

The mind will survive the walk of shame and gladly return to its intended place as a productive servant to your powerful and brilliant true self. In a way, I think the mind finds some relief in this demotion. What we aren’t designed for is truly exhausting.

SO, did you intend on being depressed, sad, lonely, lacking in any way in this journey of life? Nope. You are just running a program that you keep identifying with because you didn’t know that it wasn’t YOU! The program isn’t you; the mind isn’t you, the whole darn story and past isn’t you.